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Music Ministers

Who are the music ministers in liturgy? We refer to the instrumentalists and vocalists who lead us in song as the music ministers. And so they are. However, this can be misleading, because we, the community, are the primary music ministers in liturgy. Our job is to sing the songs, to witness to our faith to one another through our singing, and to encourage others to do the same through our enthusiastic song. It is important that we support one another in song and that we hear one another and are not overwhelmed by electronic amplification or muted by sound absorbing materials. Singing together is an important element of the liturgy, which transforms us from independent individuals to a unified worshiping body.

Guatemala Commission – Raffle

The Guatemala Commission will have a beautiful quilt on display outside the church Sunday, April 12. It is being raffled off for funds to buy materials for about 500 children enrolled in religious education classes in our mission in Guatemala. The winner will be announced at the annual Diocesan Celebration at Barrister Winery on May 18th, 5:30 – 8:00pm. This is another way for us to support our mission activities so please stop by and view the quilt. Coffee from Guatemala will be available for purchase.

Catholic Daughters

Rosary and business meeting is Tuesday, April 14th at 6:30 in the John of the Cross room.

Code of Conduct Workshop

Anyone interested in taking a Code of Conduct workshop for new volunteers to work either in the parishes or school, the next one will be on Thursday, April 23 at 6:00pm in the Nursery room. Please contact Sue Logsdon at 529-5141 or Karin Western at 525-1602 for instructions to pre-register online.

Tri-Parish Senior Potluck Luncheon

The next Tri-parish Senior Potluck Luncheon will be Thursday, April 16, at Assumption Parish hall, at 11 am with Mass and anointing of the sick. Please bring a salad or main dish to share. Table service, beverages, and desserts provided. All seniors and those who assist them are always welcome!

Stewardship Reflection, April 12

The Christian community described in Acts understood and practiced total stewardship. St. Paul reports that the believers did not claim anything as their own, but held everything in common, and distributed to each whatever was needed.

Catholic Charities of Walla Walla

Join us for the Ground Breaking ceremony and Blessing of St. Michael the Archangel Haven-housing for homeless veterans and families, at the WWVA Medical Center Parade Grounds, 77 Wainwright Dr. on Friday, April 17th at 1:00pm. A light appetizer social will follow. This will be an affordable 40 – unit community for homeless veterans and families. For more information contact Tim Meliah at 525-0572 or

Clergy and Religious Appreciation Dinner

The Knights of Columbus is putting on their annual Clergy and Religious Appreciation Spaghetti and Meatball Dinner at Assumption’s Parish Hall on May 3rd. It starts at 4:30 pm with a social hour, dinner to follow at 5:30 pm. $10 tickets, available from any member of the KC or call David Hall at 525-3958.


Who is responsible for the catechumens and candidates, those who are seeking to be fully initiated into the Catholic Church? We all are. It is the responsibility of the entire parish community. There are certain individuals whom we delegate to do the day-to-day catechizing for us. Still, the responsibility is that of the whole parish. That is why, during the rites, we are all reminded in some way of our responsibility to these people who wish to join our number. We are asked to pray for them, to give them support and good example. Sometimes we are asked to sign them with the sign of our faith, the cross. The catechumenate process is not an extra that is added on. Bringing new members into the church is part of what we are commissioned to do by Christ through our baptism. Our faith is a gift, not for us alone, but for all. It is for us to share.

Guatemala Mission

Our parish ambassadors to the Guatemala Mission have returned with tales to tell of their adventures and accomplishments! See the Guatemala Blog on the parish website. Soon they will be doing presentations about their experiences. Please remember to make much needed contributions.

Assumption Women’s meeting

April 14, at 1 pm in the Parish Hall. Speaker: Dan Roach, presenting importance of Living Wills. Beverages will be provided. Rosary in the Church at 12:30 pm. Free Rosaries, available. Bring a friend. Door prizes. Bake sale, April 18 and 19th. All women are invited. Call Sally at 525-0245 or Ester at 520-2556.

Sign of the Cross

Why do we begin with the sign of the cross? One of the characteristics of Catholic worship is that it is Trinitarian. That is, our prayer includes the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Notice our prayers throughout the Mass. We address our prayer to God the Father, in the name of the Son, through the power of the Holy Spirit. We set the stage for this when we begin, “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” Just as we signed ourselves with the holy water when we entered, once again we reaffirm our commitment as baptized Christians to the triune God to whom we come to give thanks and praise.