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Stewardship Reflection: January, 25th

There is a certain urgency in today’s Gospel as Jesus calls His First disciples-Andrew and Simon, James and John. Each one follows Jesus immediately, unhesitatingly abandoning nets and boats and father and fellow-workers. To what is Jesus calling me—at this moment, in these circumstances? What will I need to abandon in order to follow Him?

“Come & See”

come_and_see_weekendsThis event will take place at Bishop White Seminary on Sunday, February 8th, from 3-6 pm. The event is geared for young men high school age and older who are interested in learning more about the priesthood and want to know what Seminary life is about. The format for the program includes a talk by Fr. Bob McNeese and some of the seminarians, a time to break into small group discussions that will be led by seminarians, a tour of the seminary, a vocation video presentation, and dinner. Please contact Fr. Brian if you are interested or have any questions.

How does prayer at liturgy differ from other forms of prayer?

Liturgy is defined as the “work of the church.” It is what the church does that makes it uniquely itself. The church is the assembly of believers, gathered by God to do worship in the name of Jesus Christ. Therefore the prayer of the church is communal prayer, not individual prayer. It comes from our individual prayer. It arises from our habit of prayer as individuals and as groups outside of liturgy. Our prayer during liturgy is the prayer of the assembled Body of Christ. It is a collective prayer, which we offer to God by the right (and the duty) that comes from our baptism. When we gather to pray at liturgy, we come not as a group of individuals, but as the church itself.

Christian Aid Center needs volunteers

Christian Aid Center needs volunteers to provide childcare when guests are attending Bible studies and classes. Times needed are: Monday and Friday mornings from 9:00-10:00 a.m.; Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:20-7:45 p.m.; and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1:30-2:30. For more information call Jeannette, Volunteer Coordinator at 525-7153 ext. 114.

Tri-Parish Garden

There will be volunteer opportunities starting in February. There will be upcoming grants for the garden in May. Eltopia West Greenhouse will sell us veggie starts at wholesale prices. This is an excellent opportunity for experienced and beginner gardeners to enjoy the outdoors and contribute to the community. Most of the veggies are contributed to the BMAC food bank.

Stewardship Reflection: January 18

In today’s reading, we hear Samuel respond eagerly, “Here I am!” each time the Lord calls him. May we, too, be listening for the call of God in our lives and be ready to say like the psalmist, “Here am I, Lord: I come to do your will.”