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Stewardship Reflection: August 3rd

“The hand of the Lord feeds us,” signs the psalmist; “He answers all our needs.” Often, though, it is with the open hands of generous stewards willing to share His many gifts that God’s people are fed and their needs met.

Rev. Mark Pautler

Rev. Mark Pautler who was ordained at St. Francis parish on August 3, 1974, will celebrate the 40th anniversary of his ordination on Sunday, August 10, at Sacred Heart Parish, 219 East Rockwood Boulevard in Spokane. Mass will be at 10:00 AM followed by a reception in the parish hall. All are invited to attend.

Help Line

Help Line is in need of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for a morning or afternoon shift one day a week, please contact Michelle at 529-3377.


Catholic prisoners at the Washington State Penitentiary are asking for more Masses or communion services to be offered at the prison. Currently prisoners have an opportunity to attend Mass once a month, in some cases only once every two months. To address the need, lay volunteers (men or women) are needed from the three parishes. If you feel that you can help with as little as 2 – 4 hours on one weekend each month or would just like to know about this ministry, please contact:

Assumption – Jerry Owens, 509-525-3697
St. Francis – Paul Didelius, 509-540-0521
St. Patrick – Dave Opbroek, 509-240-7484
St. Patrick (Spanish) – Raul Rodriguez, 509-200-5957

Christian Aid Center of Walla Walla

Christian Aid Center of Walla Walla is looking for volunteer groups interested in providing dinner for our guests at the shelter on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. We are also in need of volunteers to drive our “bread run” van on Saturday mornings to collect donated food by local grocers. For more information call Jeannette Regalado, Volunteer Coordinator, at (509) 525-7153 ext. 114.


The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide is a 12-week program designed for small groups of divorced or separated men and women who are in search of solace, healing, acceptance, and most of all, hope. Based on strong Catholic values and spirituality, the program is a ministry which instills a sense of being valued, respected, and ultimately at peace. For information contact Donna Petrocelli at: (509) 468-8429 or

Responding to Wildfires – Special Collection

At present, there is more than enough assistance, and in some cases an overabundance of food, bottled water, clothing and other physical donations with more trucks pouring in every hour from local news station drives, other Churches, groups, etc. Rob McCann reports that “there was so much donated items in the Pateros High School gym you could barely walk around. It’s actually a real testament to our regional community to see this level of compassionate response.”

Thus, we are focusing our attention on the needs that will be more long term, meaning in a about a week or so when the fires are out and the news media moves on to some other story. It is clear from the many downed power lines that there may not be power in some areas for a month or more, which means that farming irrigation systems will not work and crops and orchards could suffer. It also creates issues for keeping food and medicine refrigerated and we will provide help in those areas as best we can with generators and gas. All of this will lead to more issues and more needs for folks up there. There are also needs within the farm worker communities as many of them are not going to the many donation centers and help areas for fears related to their undocumented status. Also if the orchards are affected, many of these people will be out of work.

At this time, we are getting a great many calls from people and parishes all over the Diocese of Spokane who want to help. Thus, I want to encourage you to take up a collection sometime this month. Funds should be sent to Catholic Charities Spokane with “Wildfire” on the memo line. CCS will restrict those funds for the Brewster, Pateros, Twisp, Okanogan, Omak regions, and will then funnel those funds as needed to the parishes and pastors in those areas. Again, due to some grant money already donated by CCUSA, the parishes have received about $4,000 to get them started and some prepaid visa gift cards. CCS will continue to replenish those funds as needed.

Rob also is discouraging groups that want to go up and volunteer to help clean up or rebuild until CCS can better coordinate that with the Red Cross. At the moment there is a great fear of looting in some areas. Tensions are high and may get higher in terms of security, so volunteer groups might not be welcome just yet. There may be chances for that in coming weeks when things are more safe and organized.

Again, the funds we collect will be used to assist people in the coming weeks and not really the coming days. We are especially vigilant about the needs of our Hispanic and farm worker communities, and thanks to the strong ties and relationships our pastors have built up over the years, we perhaps will in many cases be the only source of assistance that they are comfortable with. We gladly will meet needs as they come to us.

Thank you for taking up this special collection for wildfire victims. Please assure your parishioners that the funds will be used to assist Catholic parishes and agencies as they address existing and ongoing relief of all victims in the area, or those that may arise as the wildfire season continues.

A second collection will be requested this weekend and that if someone wants to help in the coming weeks they can just write a check with the memo “WILDFIRE.”

The check can be written to “Catholic Charities Spokane”.

Mass Schedule for August 15th

Mass Schedule for August 15th, The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

7:15 AM St. Francis
8:30 AM Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
12:10 PM St. Patrick
6:00 PM Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

School Supply Giving Tree

This year will be a little different because there will be tags for needs of homeless teenagers Items they need include, EXTRA LARGE BACK PACKS, STUDENT TRAC PHONES & SUNDRY ITEMS (shampoo/conditioner, razors, sanitary items, toothpaste, deodorant). Many of these items will require a cash donation, but please use a check in an envelope made out to the parish with a memo “Homeless”, NO CASH. As always we will have tags for regular school supplies as in years past. The trees will go up in each parish on Saturday August 2 and come down on Sunday August 17th. Please be as generous as you can. There is no need to wrap any items and if the tag could be returned with the item it would be appreciated.

If you have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or are a caregiver

If you have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or are a caregiver for a family member that does and you would like to gather with others who have a similar experience, call or email Tim Meliah at Catholic Charities for more information call 525-0572 or email